1. Where is Sustainable Warehouse located?

    We are located at 2650 Carner Avenue in North Charleston, SC 29405. You can find full details on our Contact page.

  2. What are the store hours of Sustainable Warehouse?

    The Sustainable Warehouse warehouse is currently open for winter hours from 11-2 during the week and 10-2 on Saturdays. You can contact Rebecca to make an appointment throughout the week to take a walk through the warehouse.

  3. How can I help Sustainable Warehouse?

    We accept monetary donations, donations of materials and/or vehicles, as well as donations of time to help keep the warehouse tidy and transport materials on job sites. You can go to our Volunteer page to get more information on how to help.

  4. What will I be doing as a volunteer?

    Unless you are licensed and / or trained, we cannot allow you to assist in deconstructing a house. However, we could always use a hand to transport materials from the site to vehicles, unloading these materials at the warehouse, and assistance with warehouse upkeep.Also, if you have any particular skills you think would be helpful to our organization, please let us know.

  5. What is soft stripping?

    Soft stripping in terms of deconstruction refers to removing non-structural elements from a building. This method is useful before renovations of a building, as well as preparation for hard stripping and deconstruction.

  6. What is hard stripping?

    Hard stripping refers to removing some of the structural elements of a building to get it ready for full deconstruction, after a soft strip has been done.

  7. Why should I be concerned about deconstruction?

    Deconstruction is something we do in order to promote sustainablility. The usefulness of a building material does not end just because it has been used once. Deconstruction helps cut down on the need for the manufacture, sale, and transport of new materials, which helps cut down on carbon emissions, energy consumption, and space needed in landfills for excess garbage. There are elements used in buildings, such as extinct woods and antique building elements, which need to be preserved and reused because they cannot be manufactured any more.